Mad About The Borage!

I got a prickly rash the other day whilst pottering around a mates garden. Whilst i was in agony my girlfriend was proudly proclaiming that i must have had an encounter with some Borage. Huh? Borage? What’s that? Well, apparently my girlfriend is an expert since she read about it in one of her garden mags! (more…)

The first crop is the sweetist…

There it was, hiding shyly in its bed, surrounded by a green blanket of leaves, baring juicy flesh so perfect and enticing. It whispering to me softly ‘eat me, eat meeeee!’
So i grabbed it, and gobbled it down before it could tease me any longer. Pure sweet bliss in my mouth, eyes wide i turned to my girlfriend and shouted ‘Cor, these strawbs are ‘bostin!’


The Strawberry in question…


I pop up the allotment most days after work, just to check its okay you know? I’ve grown very fond of my plot. I check on my sweet peas all cosy in the can planters, i check the raspberries are growing up strong against their canes and smile proudly, i nod to my onions and garlic standing tall and straight, and i tut at my floppy rhubarb and then feel bad because I don’t want it to feel like its let me down.

But not this time.  (more…)

Brassica Netting – against Cabbage White Butterfly

K's Garden

Brassica plants were getting large, so I needed to do something about netting them against Cabbage White Butterfly.

I bought some Debris Netting off eBay [although it came from Tarpaflex]. I selected 3M width as my raised beds are 4′ wide – so that means a clear height of “(3 metres – 4 feet) / 2 in inches” which Google tells me is 35 inches.

I had a roll of 1/2″ Blue MDPE underground water pipe (the Black above ground pipe would be better, as it has UV resistance), so I cut that into 3 Metre lengths, less about 6″ to be able to anchor it down, and stuck some canes in (I cut some 4 foot canes in half, about 2 foot pushed into the ground, and 2 foot sticking out to put the pipe onto. One “hoop” every 6 feet, or so.

The job only took…

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